We Speak Music

Year: 2014
Type: Digital
Client: Budweiser
Agency: Rhizomatiks, AKQA Shanghai
Role: Transcreation


In China, music is the language of the youth as approximately 9 in 10 teenagers express themselves by posting lyrics and songs on social. The question was: Why not use their own words? Speak through their own songs? WeSpeakMusic transforms whatever user type into a professional-grade song. Just enter the text and genre on WeSpeakMusic’s fully responsive platform and, in seconds, get the unique song to listen to and share. Moreover, WeSpeakMusic launched with a track specially written by megastar Avicii. Anyone could write their own lyrics for the song, creating numerous versions of the hit collaboration. Not just transforming words into song, WeSpeakMusic truly turned music into the language of the youth and turned every user into Avicii’s newest collaborator.


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