Symphony for a Dying Star

Year: 2016
Type: Film, Experiential
Client: Kyoto Okazaki Loops
Agency: PARTY New York
Role: Concert Visuals, Motion Graphics


PARTY New York designed the stage visuals and motion graphics of a live concert for the album “Music for a dying star” as part of the Kyoto Okazaki Loops Music Festival. This 2-hour long concert was performed by 11 musicians and the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, mixing different genres of music with the sounds from ALMA Music Box. A total of 1,800 people enjoyed this immersive musical experience, which combined advanced science with classical music performance.

To help raise awareness of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) telescope, PARTY collaborated with the National Observatory of Japan to create the ALMA Music Box. With radio signal data captured by the telescope from the dying star R Sculptoris, PARTY produced 70 music discs that can be played on a customized music box. The resulting somber melody is the requiem to the distant dying star 950 light-years away. ALMA Music Box was on display at the 21_21 Design Sight Museum in Tokyo. The exhibition’s success prompted the production of the crowd-funded compilation CD “Music for a Dying Star”. 11 international musicians, including Taeji Sawai, Throwing a Spoon, and Christian Fennesz composed music using the 70 unique musical loops that derived from the music box.


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ALMA MUSIC BOX Concert with Kyoto Symphony Orchestra (Miyako Messe, 2016), Photo by Yoshikazu Inoue, Courtesy of OKAZAKI LOOPS Executive Committee