7-ELEVEN Rhythm of Love

Year: 2017
Type: Digital
Client: 7-Eleven Taiwan
Agency: PARTY New York, ADK Taiwan
Role: Design


PARTY New York and ADK Taiwan created a Robotic Clapping Wall for 7-Eleven Taiwan’s CSR campaign “Rhythm of Love”. The Robotic Clapping Wall is made of 12 pairs of mechanical hands and a donation box. Every time someone donates money into the donation box, the wall will react and start to clap, thus giving you an applause for your contribution.
The wall performs different clapping rhythms every time including user-generated ones. I designed a campaign website, which allows visitors to create and share their own clapping rhythm. These walls were exhibited at 7-Eleven stores across major cities in Taiwan for 2 months.


→ 7-Eleven Rhythm of Love Website